About us

Who are we?

At Ace & Taylor we merge high-quality hair care with stylish innovation. Founded in 2021 in collaboration with DAJA Logistics, we embody the vision of three young entrepreneurs from the east of the Netherlands.

DAJA Logistics, our home base, stands for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. As an umbrella brand for various e-commerce labels, we strive to exceed our customers' expectations with high-quality products.

Ace & Taylor is the result of our collaboration with professional hairdressers. Our commitment goes beyond standards, and we are proud of our products, now available on our own website with additional services including 60 days free returns.

More about us

Why Ace & Taylor?

The creation of Ace & Taylor was driven by a unique opportunity to collaborate with the most respected Dutch hairdressers. This collaboration arose from the ambition to develop the very best hair tools, expertly crafted to the highest standards. What sets us apart is not just the quality of our products.

By skipping external distribution, we can offer uncompromising top quality at a fair price and deliver it to the customer in the Netherlands the next day. Ace & Taylor is not just a brand; it is an embodiment of craftsmanship and innovation, born from a deep connection with the art of hairstyling.


At Ace & Taylor, we foster ambitious goals that reflect our commitment to hair care:

  • Innovation: We strive for continuous innovation, with the aim of developing cutting-edge hair care tools that exceed the needs of our customers.
  • Global Recognition: Our goal is to be recognized worldwide as a leading hair care brand, with a growing presence in international markets.
  • Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is our driving force. We strive for service excellence and exceed our customers' expectations with every interaction.
  • Professional Collaborations: Collaboration with professionals in the hair industry is central to creating products that not only satisfy, but also inspire.
  • Continuous Growth: We are committed to continuous growth by exploring new markets, developing new products and learning in a rapidly evolving industry.

At Ace & Taylor, these ambitions are our driving force and we invite everyone to join our journey towards hair care excellence

Our product development process

Our journey to creating new hair products starts with an idea of ​​a new product, followed by intensive collaboration with our factories. Here, different designs and prototypes are created, which are thoroughly tested, compared and studied over often long periods of time, ranging from months to even years. The result is a carefully refined final sample, created in close collaboration with our factory partners.

But our work does not stop with the product itself. After production, our team goes to work developing detailed manuals, box designs that make a statement, carefully checking quality marks and optimizing the overall user experience.

At Ace & Taylor we even go one step further with our own box factory. This allows us to not only deliver top quality products, but also an aesthetically stunning packaging experience, making every purchase a true pleasure.