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Why does my hairdryer stink? The hidden causes and solutions.

You're not the only one wondering where that unpleasant smell comes from when you turn on your hairdryer. Luckily, we've identified some possible causes and solutions to help you enjoy a fresh blow dry again.

1. Accumulation of dust and dirt

Cause: Over time, dust can build up in the internal components of your hair dryer, causing a musty smell.

Solution: Check and clean the air inlets and outlets regularly. Particularly useful is the fact that the Ace & Taylor hair dryer has a removable back cover, making it easy to remove dust and hair.

2. Humid environment

Cause: If your hair dryer becomes damp after use and you put it away without letting it dry thoroughly first, mold may form.

Solution: Let your hair dryer dry thoroughly after use before storing it. The Ace & Taylor hair dryer is designed with hygiene in mind, with a removable back cover for thorough cleaning.

3. Burnt dust on heating elements

Cause: Dust that comes into contact with the heating elements can burn and cause an unpleasant odor.

Solution: Keep the heating elements clean and dust-free. With the Ace & Taylor hair dryer this is easy to do thanks to the smart design.

With these tips and knowing that the Ace & Taylor hair dryer is easy to clean, you can enjoy a fresh and effective blow drying session again! 💨✨


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