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Why does hair curl?

Curly hair has its origins in genes. The structure of the hair is determined by the shape of the hair follicles. Round hair follicles produce straight hair, while oval or asymmetrical hair follicles tend to create curly hair. The degree of curl is influenced by genetic factors, which explains why curly hair often runs in certain families.

The role of proteins and water in curly hair

The shape of the hair is also affected by the proteins it contains, such as keratin. Curly hair often contains more keratin than straight hair, which contributes to the resilience and flexibility of the curls. In addition, the interaction with water plays a major role. Hair is made up of hydrogen bonds, and when moisture is added to the hair, these bridges can change shape, causing the hair to curl.

Unruliness and texture of curly hair

Curly hair is known for its natural unruliness and texture. The wavy shape of curls provides extra volume and vibrancy. It also creates unique styling possibilities, making curly hair a versatile and expressive choice.

Caring for curls with Ace & Taylor

At Ace & Taylor, we understand the unique needs of curly hair. Our products are designed with the best materials and technologies to accentuate and care for curls. Whether you have beautiful spirals or subtle waves, our styling tools and hair care products are the perfect addition to your curly look.

Conclusion: embrace your curls with Ace & Taylor

Why does hair curl? It is a beautiful interplay of genetics, proteins and water. At Ace & Taylor we encourage you to love and embrace your curls with the right care and styling. Discover the beauty of curly hair and transform your look with Ace & Taylor. Curls are not just a hair type; it is a work of art in itself.


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