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How many watts is a good hairdryer?

Whether you're in a hurry in the morning or want to blow-dry your hair in style, a good hairdryer can be valuable in your daily routine. When choosing the right hairdryer, several factors are important, of which wattage is one of the most essential.

Why is wattage important?

The wattage of a hairdryer directly affects two crucial aspects: drying time and airflow power. In the world of hairdryers you will find a range of wattages, usually ranging from 800 to 2000 watts. But how do you choose what suits you best?

The sweet spot: 1600-2000 Watts

A hairdryer with a wattage between 1600 and 2000 watts is considered an ideal choice for most household needs. This range provides enough power to dry your hair efficiently without the risk of excessive heat, which can cause damage to your hair.

Hair type and personal preferences

While ideal wattage is a good starting point, you should also consider your hair type. Do you have thick, long hair? Then a hairdryer at the higher end of the wattage spectrum can be useful to shorten drying time.

More than just wattage

Besides wattage, there are other features that distinguish a hairdryer. Look for adjustable heat and speed settings. These features are useful because they allow you to adjust the drying intensity based on your hair type and style preferences.

Technological toppers

Also consider hairdryers with additional technologies, such as ionic technology. This feature helps reduce static and adds shine to your locks. If additional accessories, such as attachments or diffusers, are important to you, make sure the hairdryer you choose offers these options.


Choosing the perfect hairdryer is all about finding the right balance. Pay attention to the wattage, but remember that it is only one factor. Consider your hair type, desired features and additional accessories. With the right hairdryer you can not only save time, but also enjoy healthy, beautiful hair. Take the time to compare the options and find the hairdryer that suits you best.


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