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Which hair straightener temperature is ideal for curls? Discover the right settings

Curling with a hair straightener requires precision, and temperature is a crucial factor. Here we dive into why the right settings make all the difference to your curl game.

The perfect temperature for the perfect curl result

Each hair type has its own needs when it comes to temperature settings. Finding the right balance is the key to healthy and long-lasting curls.

Fine hair: 150-180 degrees Celsius Fine hair requires a gentler approach. Choose temperatures between 150-180 degrees Celsius to minimize damage while still creating beautiful curls.

Thicker hair: 180-200 degrees Celsius Thicker hair needs more heat for shape-retaining curls. Set your hair straightener to 180-200 degrees Celsius for optimal results without compromise.

Tips for successful curls:

  1. Heat protection is essential: No matter the temperature, protect your strands with a quality heat protectant.

  2. Experiment with sections: Divide your hair into sections for structured styling. This ensures even curls and prevents overheating.

  3. The correct rotation movement: When curling with a hair straightener, turn the device 180 degrees. Experiment with the direction of twist for natural-looking curls.


By finding the ideal temperature, you unlock the full power potential of your hair straightener. With careful settings and attention to your hair type, you can effortlessly create beautiful, long-lasting curls. Discover, experiment and let your hair shine with the perfect curl look.


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