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Ceramic vs titanium hair straightener: which one should you choose?

When choosing the perfect hair straightener, it is crucial to understand how different materials affect your hair. Let's explore the common choice between ceramic and titanium, with a focus on the features that make the difference.

1. Fast heating: for instant styling

Ceramics: Ceramic plates generally take a little longer to heat up, which means you'll need to wait a while before starting your styling routine.

Titanium: Titanium hair straighteners, such as the Ace & Taylor, offer an Instant-Heat function for quick heating in seconds. No long waiting times, but immediately ready for styling.

2. Digital precision with LCD screen: precise control

Ceramic: While ceramic hair straighteners can provide precise temperature control, they don't always have a digital LCD screen, making control less direct.

Titanium: The Ace & Taylor Hair Straightener with titanium plates has a digital LCD screen, with which you can accurately read and adjust the active temperature.

3. Durability and Protection: Titanium wins

Ceramics: Ceramic plates are durable but can wear over time, reducing their protective properties.

Titanium: Titanium plates are not only durable, but also provide optimal protection for the hair. They last longer and retain their quality for long-lasting styling performance.

Understanding the differences between ceramic and titanium can help you make an informed choice that suits your hair needs.


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